Wednesday, September 17, 2008

just go here..... I don't know why the two's TOOO exhausting now that the Ironman is done. So, please just check the original blog RIGHT HERE!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Portland, London and Georgia...OH MY!!!

Sorry folks, I know posting has been minimal, life has been super busy! I went to Portland for Hood to Coast...which was amazing and hurt worse than my Ironman. (I am not kidding) I mean seriously, when do you do 6 mile repeats, 7 hours apart from one another....3 times??? I couldn't walk for two days as putting in those 18 miles was fun, fun, fun. If you ever want to get in a great relay, Hood to Coast is really fantastic and well run by those folks at Nike! I had a really good time as a part of Team LIVESTRONG. Our team finished in 28:26:11 for an average pace per mile of 8:39. In the mixed open category we finished 94th out of 283 teams. It was awesome...a few pictures below...(want to be a part of this event with Team LIVESTRONG next year? let me know or contact

Then it was a few days off and on to London I go for the Human Race. What an experience that was....20,000 people and I got to meet Paula Radcliffe!! I ran the 10k on a typical very rainy evening in and around Wembley Stadium. Just a week after Hood to Coast, my running legs were back!! For a longer post on this event and why I was there check out this blog Here are just a few pictures from this was great to see what kind of global impact LIVESTRONG will have on the world in the years to come.

Then onto Georgia to get some time with my family. No work, just play and some quality time. My brother has taken up the world of cross country running and he is super fast!! Being on a junior in high school and running solid 7 minute miles, I am more than impressed with his athleticism!!

I am now back in Austin for a month as travel will take me to Chicago and NYC next...I am excited about getting back onto my bike as I am raising money for the LIVESTRONG Challenge and riding 90 miles on October 26th. I am running in honor of a co-worker that is fighting breast cancer....if you are feeling generous and would love to make a donation to SAVE 2nd BASE!! go to my website and donate....just click here

Looking forward to core class and swim next week. I just may sign up for the aqua bike at Longhorn...we will see.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

back in the pool

Last night I went to core class and then made my way to the evening swim with T3, where I was hoping that the rain and thunder would hold off so I could finally get a good workout in the pool. Having watched SO MUCH swimming in the Olympics and seeing the underwater form of those free-stylers...I was ready!!

I jumped in, did the 200m warm-up and felt pretty good, thinking I was finally going to make it through an entire swim workout. Two weeks ago I had let Mo know that I felt as though I was in swim purgatory. I was faster than T1 folks but not quite fast enough for the T2 lanes and I was frustrated. I decided to take a few weeks off and come back when I was ready mentally.

Made it through the 3200 workout, felt good and even swam 3 back to back 100s at 1:45 pace. (even Mo was shocked!) It is no 46 second 100 but I am happy with feeling strong under 2 minutes.

I am going to try and get in a swim at the Nike Campus in Portland this Thursday....apparently this facility is AMAZING.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I might hurt the person who wrote this...

"Going for the gold
Why does U.S. Olympic swimmer
Michael Phelps need all those gold
medals? Surely, two or three would be
enough to gain him a slew of product
endorsements, thus ensuring him a
lifetime of financial security.
Is Phelps just another greedy, self-
centered American, so focused on
personal excellence that he has lost
the capacity to feel compassion for
his fellow athletes from less wealthy
countries? After all, didn't they also
train hard?

But Phelps just won't quit. He
keeps competing as hard as he can,
thus depriving others of their fair
share of medals. Where is the justice

Perhaps Congress should hold
hearings and pass a law compelling
Phelps to either stop crowding out the
competition or give up some of his
medals to less fortunate athletes,
whose sense of self-esteem surely
must be suffering in the wake of
Phelps' successes."

REALLY???? He set a goal, went after it and conquered it? What is wrong with that? That is the American dream my friend? Why would you criticize someone for being passionate about something? why? The person that wrote this needs to re-think things.

Do you get the 'picture'?

I know many of you are sick of this...especially my boyfriend Sam who is being very patient with my crush right now....but I am VERY VERY sad swimming is over. Cause I just want ONE swim lesson with Michael Phelps. Just one.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

who wouldn't want a hug from this guy....

I am sorry because I know many are feeling this way...but who doesn't want a hug from this 6 foot 7 inch wing span guy? AND....this guy LOVES what he, I am going to be depressed when the Olympics are over.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Michael Phelps

It's official...if you saw him in the 100m fly....I am in love.